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Preparing deodorant lotion bar ameryllis posted

Preparing deodorant lotion bar ameryllis tonight 🙂 for customers to be post put .natural safe without chemical to put on your body area !!! Especially armpits .rich with lavender and tea tree essential oil to killing bacteria 🙂 #lotion #lotionbar #deodorant                                     http://ameryllisnaturesoap.com2015-08-23-00-46-20_decoIMG_20150823_005146

soymilk taufoo soap ameryllis

Soy milk soap aka taufoo soap ameryllis is ready for sales now! !! Getting your bright skin now with benefits of soy milk with lightening properties natural
Smooth skin like taufoo!!! Interested pm me Joey to order now. Wechatjoey2383/whatsapp 60123757185