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Mission completed thank u for coming delivered bm to me mummy for breastmilk soap customize smile emoticontoday weather so hot !!! Sweating!!! Hehe must drink alot water oh 
bm collect

Handmade soap stock clearance

good news stock clearance for handmade soap bar ameryllis while stock last big bar rm12 perpcs small bar100g rm9perpcs 50g to 80g .we have listing range available is 1) ameryllis charcoal goatmilk soap deep cleansing acne oily skin 2) coconut milk French clay anti ageing anti inflammatory 3) yogurt goatmilk soap anti sensitive skin 3) honey oatmilk soap skin exfoliating skin 4) indigo goatmilk soap rash skin n smoother skin 5) wormwood soap bar deep healing rash n sensitive skin .interested pm joey wechatjoey2383/whatsapp 60123757185 discount promo while stock available !!!12321220_851530361622698_5281443440675089192_n

How to courier ebm use pos laju for bm soap customise

for mummy reference which wanna customize bm soap from other state /countryvto kl here .i found this blog mayb useful for u all by sending your frozen breast milk use poslaju service. Thanks to this mama nice info btw to sharing . Interested can pm me for bm soap customise /☎whatsappp 60123757185 or ?wechatjoey2383Screenshot_2016-04-01-23-05-10Screenshot_2016-04-01-23-05-25 Screenshot_2016-04-01-23-05-20