Aloe vera cucumber soap ameryllis

Finally our ameryllis Real Aloe vera combined with real cucumber extract provides unrivalled moisturising benefits, along with the antiseptic cleansing of aloe vera helps remove blemishes and dark spots from the skin. This highly effective concentrated soap is especially for use on the face.

Benefits of Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is an amazing plant, it contains over 200 active elements that benefit our bodies: the plants able to provide us with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polysaccharide to name but a few. With so many compounds and elements to offer, there is no wonder it has a wide range of applications from topical skin treatments to being the active ingredient in oral medication.

What Is Aloe Vera
Oddly Aloe Vera is not found growing in the wild and doesn’t have a known native habitat. However, there are quite similar aloe plants found in North Africa. Documented use of aloe vera as herbal medicine dates back to the 1st century, and undoubtedly goes back much further as carvings of the plant appear in Egypt that date back 6000 years, the plant is labeled in these carvings as ‘plant of immortality.’

The plant is made of 99% water and is hailed for its rejuvenating, healing and relaxing properties. Called ‘Kathalai’ in Ayurvedic medicine where it forms a multipurpose active ingredient in many herbal remedies.

Aloe Vera Benefits For Skin
Aloe vera is commonly used active ingredient in many cosmetic products because of it’s healing properties; not only does it have vulnerary properties (heals wounds), such as burns and irritations and insect bites, but it also helps stimulate the skin to remove blemishes and dark spots.

Being made up of over 99.2% water aloe vera is a natural moisturiser, and it increases the skins elasticity, it does this by increasing blood flow to the skin, this in turn brings extra oxygen and healing. It does this by stimulating capillary dilation.

Anti inflammatory elements delivered to the skin by the plant also induces healing, along with mild analgesic effects that reduce irritation and pain locally.

Pure Aloe Vera
Pure raw aloe vera is extremely effective when applied directly to the skin. Due to the high water content of the plant the vital nutrients are easily extracted and preserved in soaps and other cosmetic products. Interested pm joey to order wechatjoey2383 whatsapp 012375718516-08-23-14-26-57-248_deco

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