rose shea butter soap

this bar’s excellent emollient and hydrating properties help moisturize, revitalize, and fight dryness The beautiful speckles in this soap come from the wild rose petals. organic, unrefined shea butter with the petals for gentle exfoliation. Our nourishing organic plant oils make a rich bubbly lather that is beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive and very dry. You’ll feel divine every time you use this moisturizing soap with a delicate, true-to-rose scent .

Organic Shea butter is a rich nut butter that produces a gourmet soap that’s extremely soothing and nourishing for even the most sensitive skin. These traditional cold-process soaps are luxurious and enhance facial skin as well as all skin types. Size 100g price rm20 . Interested pm joey wechatjoey2383 whatsapp 0123757185

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