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testimonial 29/4/14

feedback from teacher Ampang saying skin improved after use ameryllis skincare now he wants introduced to his sister ameryllis acne cream interested to order pm me joey wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp0123757185 www.ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com price for ameryllis acne cream only rm30 west east rm40 for 10g.

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latest testimonial:  26/4/14 latest testimonial from handsome teacher after 1 week usage he say try so many brand not effective now ameryllis skincare help him reduce pimple and scar he look more confident infront student now and future will stick to ameryllis skincare Attached Image
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Feedback lowyat customer Thanks pretty customer willing share her testimonial after using ameryllis nature skincare her skin really improved lot within 2 weeks time. She look more fair and pimple reduce lot. wanna look like her with affordable price? Pm me now wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp0123757185http://www.ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com#pretty #herbalbalm #mungbean soap#smoothiescrub #onlineshopping #marketing #google
feedback ameryllis smoothie face and body scrubyyyyyyyt
[B]Mar7 2014

#ameryllis smoothie body and face scrub feedback from customer yahooo she say skin feel smoother wink.gif interested to make order like her?price only rm25
for 100g

[SIZE=7]latestupdate 10/5/14 lowyat customer
pretty customer updated her testimonial ameryllis skincare
Thanks pretty customer for updates me latest photo of her skin after using ameryllis skincare set. Now can see her skin complexion getting more bright, acne and scar almost gone. very happy I can help her yeppieee interested pm me joey or faster wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp0123757185www.ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com ‪#‎skincare‬ # affordable‪#‎handmade‬ ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎student‬ ‪#‎upm‬

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latest testimonial february 2014

hurrayyy good feedback from customer after using my homemade honey lemon scrub she feel her skin more soft and smoother and also pepper mint soap Interested to place an order before christmas ?
price only rm25 per jar exclude postage
pm me joey/wechat joey2383/whatsapp/viber 0123757185

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post out order Jb,pj,ipoh customer wahhh for today!!!



feedback licorice barley soap and ameryllis. acne cream
Feedback licorice soap and ameryllis acne cream from my jb friend wink.gif thanks so much she like my soap and our best selling ameryllis acne cream yeahhh acne dry up in 2 days and soap make skin soft interested.


Happy received feedback from.pretty customer selangor say one day acne reduce after use ameryllis acne cream cool. Interested to be like her? Pm me fast oh joey wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp 0123757185 joeyshoppingmalls.blogspot.com. Price only rm30.west east rm40 free pos laju hurry intro pricing


Happy to have testimonial photo from beautiful coming soon bride after use Ameryllis Nature herbal balm and bitter gourd soap in 7 days now she look more confident and skin is rosy and smoother for coming soon wedding
interested?to look like her try our product now
soap and herbal balm set only rm47 west malaysia free pos laju east malaysia rm57
pm me now joey
whatsapp/sms 0123757185
facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ameryllis-Nature/171793959688005 —

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testimonial from customer thanks miss N she so like my licorice and barley soap for darkspot,freckles plus my herbal balm
interested pls pm me to order now

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Thanks for my best friend miss K for giving me her testimonial for the 1 year scar on her leg has reduced tremendously after she used Ameryllis Herbal balm within a week.
Interested to order Ameryllis product pls pm me

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7days feedback testimonials from customer for ameryllis acne cream
Latest testimonial from selangor customer after using acne cream ameryllis one week her skin improve thanks dear for the lovely testimonial.price only rm30 for west msia east rm40 free post laju interested pm.me joey wechatjoey2383 or whstsapp 0123757185 joeyshoppingmalls.blogspot.com
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feedback customers ameryllis lemongrass soap dated 18/10/14
Feedback from customers after using handmade lemongrass soap ameryllis. She love it and skin smooth interested? Pm us now price only rm18 perpcs. wowww!! Affordable wechatjoey2383/whatsapp 60123757185 www.ameryllisnatureskincare.WordPress.com‪#‎lemongrasssoap‬ ‪#‎handmadesoap‬
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[quote] For someone special ” ameryllis herbal balm special for scar fading, acne, headache, wrinkles, mosquito bites,price so affordable.bring it home now. Ingredients quality herbs infused olive oil,10 different essential oil and Shea Butter, vitamin e pm me Joey for ordering. wechat joey2383/whatsapp 0123757185.www.ameryllisnatureskincare.WordPress.com ‪#‎skincare‬ ‪#‎acne‬ ‪#‎promotion‬ ‪#‎budgeted‬ ‪#‎beauty‬ now Attached Image 21/5/14 testimonial
Best favourite selling ameryllis mung bean barley soap feedback customers on reducing acne. Glad can help him. Price so affordable and natural
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feedback 20/4/14. Thanks my friend miss k again update me ameryllis herbal balm her legs get smoother and no bloody legs and scar after apply the balm. Interested pls contact me joey to order wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp0123757185www.ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com price,rm30 west msia east rm40 free pos laju ‪#‎scar‬ ‪#‎beauty‬ ‪#‎treatment‬‪#‎herbalbalmAttached Image feedback 9/4/14
ameryllis charcoal soap feedback from customer
face and body become smoother after use it.

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Feedback 21/4/23
Rawang customers son skin improved and he very like the smell of herbal balm

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feedback dated 9/4/14
dback customer from pj ameryllis herbal balm effective fading scar. Scar not visible anymore interested order?Pm me now price only rm30 west east rm40 free pos laju www.ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com #beauty #scar#health #women #men #shopping —
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Feedback ameryllis acne cream user compliment saying that her friend say her skin improved. Well the price so affordable with just rm30 west msia east rm40 for 10g ingredients. With selected herbs, essential oil and honey good for remove acne, pls support us click nowhttps://cdn.embedly.com/widgets/card.html?url=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php%3Fid%3D171793959688005#sid=821f31eac3324f239b0ef7ec75ae3ac5. Pm us to order wechat /instagram /line joey2383 whatsapp /sms 0123757185 ameryllisnatureskincare.wordpress.com

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Ameryllis Nature
Happy news thanks customer for feedback me the big pimple reduce after use ameryllis nature acne cream within one day only and glad she like it interested to order now? Wechatjoey2383 whatsapp 0123757185 price only rm30 west msia and east msia rm40 free pos laju Joeyshopping malls.blogspot.com

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Happy again.thanks Again to.customer from ipoh she feedback me acne reduce after use ameryllis herbal cream now she is happy user for my product interested? Order now price only rm30 west msia and east Rm40. Free pos laju.Wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp 0123757185. www.joeyshoppingmalls.blogspot.com


Good response from customer charcoal soap Ameryllis nature her oil and black head reduce lot after use the soap price is RM25 westmsia rm27 east msia include postage trial soap interested pm me joey wechatjoey2383 /whatsapp0123757185 Joeyshoppingmalls.blogspot.com

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Recently lot mosquito due to hot weather suddenly attack bites my foot left me lot mosquito bites scar and itchy look so ugly. But I tested my foot with #ameryllisherbalbalm the scar diminish and reduce within 2 weeks. Now look less visible. Interested to ordering?? Pm me now price only rm30 west east rm40 perpcs. Looking something natural and safe? Pm me Joey. Wechat joey2383/whatsapp 0123757185 www.ameryllisnatureskincare.WordPress.com #scar #mosquitobites

https://cdn.embedly.com/widgets/card.html?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpages%2FAmeryllis-Nature%2F171793959688005%3Fflyingspaghettimonster%3Dhl#sid=d83b42fbc1994e47bd8a8d04b14397f4— at KL Downtown Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak

thanks my dear customer  ‪#‎sarawak‬ she feedback my that her legs scar at thigh there getting reduce after use our ‪#‎ameryllisherbalbalm‬
1 month and her boyfriend back body rash getting reduce after 1 days use our best selling herbal balm too. glad can help u there
interested to ordering our best selling herbal balm?
pm us fast fast. wechat joey2383 whatsapp 0123757185
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